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How to choose the right dog house for your dog?

It‘s important to ensure that your dog is happy, safe and healthy, at any time in any weather conditions when choosing or making a dog house to your dog. Dog house is a place where your dog will spend the most time. If you choose the most beautiful dog house does not mean that your dog will be happy with their new home.

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Dog house should be:

  • Comfortable and right size.
  • Warm in winter but cool in summer.
  • Safe, without sharp angles.
  • With a solid basis.
  • Right chosen place for dog house.
  • Lifted from the ground for ventilation and avoiding moisture.
  • Easy to clean (especially handy – lifting flat roof).

Dog house size:

Dog house should be big enough for dog to stand up, turn around easily and lay down at full height. But it shouldn‘t be too big as well for keeping it warm.
Dog house entry hole should be appropriate size according to a dog size.
There are a lot of ways to assess your dog house size. But we usually use two of them:

  • Standard according your dog‘s breed (if your dog is not fully grown).
  • Using 4 dog‘s dimensions (the length of a dog, the dog’s height, shoulder height and width of a dog).

If your dog is fully grown we offer to choose a dog house according to mentioned dimensions. It helps to choose the correct size – not too small, not too big. Measurements should be carried out according to the picture below.

Šuns būdos dydžio parinkimas


  • Entry hole height should be ¾ of dog‘s shoulder height.
  • Entry hole width should be 10-15 cm wider than the widest dog‘s point.
  • Height of a dog house should be about 25% bigger than dog‘s height.
  • Length of a dog house should be about 25% longer than dog‘s full length.
  • Width of a dog house should be equal to the length of the dog so dog could turn around.

We offer to use our dog house size calculator:

There is a variety of dog house size calculation methods. In summary it is stated that:

  • Entry hole height should be a little smaller than distance from dog‘s legs to its shoulders.
  • Entry hole width should be a little wider that dog‘s width.
  • Length of the dog house should be a little longer than the whole dog‘s length.
  • Width of the dog house should be equal to dog‘s length.
  • Height of the dog house should be higher than dog‘s height.

Entry hole of the dog house should be 20-25 cm above the floor. If it‘s on the same level, it‘s too low. Dog can harm it‘s back trying to get in. Also it will keep the mat inside and the dog won‘t drop it out while walking in and out the dog house.

Warm dog house in winter, cool dog house in summer.

According to specialists experience usually advised to choose a wooden dog house, it is more durable than plastic and has better thermal insulation. Also it is more difficult to overcome for dogs who like to chew things. Wooden dog houses are relatively inexpensive and easy to process, also can long maintain its appearance with a little bit of attention for repairing.
As it is recommended by many professionals our dog houses are warmed with polystyrene foam instead of rock wool which is inappropriate because they affect the dog’s health. Thus prior to the acquisition or producing dog house, it is necessary to select the proper insulation material. It provides insulation in winter so the dog feels warmer and cooler in summer.
Floor, walls and roof should be warmed. We use OSB panels or friezes, rather than paper veneer for internal finishes.
During the warm season you may lay a mat inside the dog house. But it is not recommended in cold season. Mat will get wet and dry too long.
In autumn and winter it is recommended to use straw, hay or wood shavings (not sawdust). Straw is the most suitable, because they do not reproduce parasites.
Specialists say that floor of a dog house should be ventilated. Thus, the floor can be drilled approximately 1 cm diameter holes. Ventilation can also be done leaving small cracks between the nailed bottom planks or air space between the ground and the bottom of a dog house so it stays dry inside. The base should be slightly tilted to any angle in front of the entry hole.

Types of dog houses.

Many people think that a standard dog house should have triangle roof and look similar to a small house. However in many cases dog houses with flat roofs are more comfortable and way better than with the triangular roof.
Dog houses with flat roofs allows dog to enjoy the proper weather lying down on the roof.
Cleaning flat-roof dog houses is much easier because of the lifting roof.

Choosing a right place for a dog house.

It‘s very important to choose the right place for you dog house because it‘s important factor of your dog well-being.
It‘s very good if the dog house is built on the site where during the day there is at least a little shade. So it is not advised to build a dog house where direct sunlight is all day long.
Build a dog house in a place where you can see your pet through the window.
Dog should have a possibility to overview the major part of the territory, it is important that dog should be able to see the entrance to the area then it will feel calm. Extra window for territory overview is chosen often. This helps the dog to observe surroundings wider angle, it can feel calm and keep your home safe being inside the dog house, but some dog trainers criticize such decisions as they also criticize dog house porches.
Kennel is one of the best places for a dog house if it is prepared properly, has a roof which provides additional protection from the direct sunlight, wind, rain and cold.

Other recommendations.

It is recommended to use disinfectants for dog houses and kennels cleaning because dogs bring a lot of bacteria from outside. Note that disinfectants should be not harmful for dogs.
Sometime we recommend to make a wooden basis (like a small terrace) where dog can lay down dry and clean during the good weather. Some dog trainers say that the dog must watch the territory through the entry or lying down on the flat roof.
Leave some space around the dog house so it may move around when it‘s cold outside and warm up.
Dogs not distinguish between colors so you can combine the color to your house color or paint it any color you want. Other design elements also depends only on you. It may have pent or gable roof resembling a miniature house. But your per will be thankful for a flat roof because your dog can’t jump on it and lay down.
It is recommended to make a roof 60 cm longer above the entry if the dog house is outside and not under the roof. This prevents the ingress of rainfall. Entry may be covered by rubber or tarp strips by attaching them above the entry, this helps keep the heat inside during winter.

Prices of dog houses you will find in a section PRICES.

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